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Evading Arrest or Detention

Evading Arrest by motor vehicle is a serious criminal offense in Texas. It often happens that a driver is unable to stop promptly when the police signal them to pull over, but unfortunately the police sometimes still arrest and charge the driver with a felony evading arrest.

If you were arrested for an evading arrest under these circumstances, it is very important that you contact the law firm of James G. Sullivan and Associates. Our experienced Harris County criminal defense attorneys may be able to persuade the grand jury or prosecutor to dismiss the felony charges because the police misunderstood your intentions or exaggerated what actually occurred.

If you have been charged with the criminal or juvenile offense of evading arrest in Harris county (Houston), or any of the surrounding counties in Texas, including Montgomery (Conroe), Waller (Hempstead), Liberty (City of Liberty), Fort Bend (Richmond), Brazoria (Angleton), Galveston (City of Galveston) or Washington (Brenham), contact James G. Sullivan and Associates for a free consultation at (281) 546-6428.

It is important that the criminal defense lawyer you hire has experience in successfully handling evading arrest cases. By obtaining and presenting the right evidence, the lawyer may be able to prove your innocence or raise a reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors at trial. Regrettably, many drivers in these circumstances just assume that the court will believe their version of what happened and that their case will just be dismissed. As we all know, our criminal justice system is imperfect and even an innocent person may still face criminal liability.

Evading arrest is the criminal offense charged on those that the police claim did not willingly submit themselves to an arrest or detention. The allegations that the police put in the offense report and the evidence the government presents in court is not always true and correct.

In Texas, evading arrest by vehicle or watercraft is a third degree felony, and evading arrest on foot is a class A misdemeanor, however the charges are increased if there are prior convictions or if someone suffers death or serious bodily injuries as a direct result of the flight. No matter what charge was filed against you by the District Attorney, our experienced criminal defense lawyers can be by your side. We know how to effectively fight an evading arrest charge and can defend you in all stages of the case.

The law firm of James G. Sullivan and Associates has extensive criminal defense experience, which is necessary in defending evading arrest charges. Contact our Houston criminal attorneys at 281-546-6428 for a free initial consultation.